After treating aesthetic patients for over 10 years and trying many product lines, Dr. Alexis Parker concluded that a more effective, natural line of products needed to be developed that truly protected and enhanced the skin. Furthermore, after performing over 50,000 laser and injection treatments, she insisted that products should improve healing after skin procedures. Working diligently for three years with scientists and pharmacists, she released the ALEXIS M.D. product line.

Today, after having patients use the products for over a year, she is ready to present the ALEXIS M.D. product line to the general public. As new discoveries are being made, she continues to enhance each product in an effort to improve its performance and value.

Every natural ingredient in the ALEXIS M.D. line has been purposefully formulated to enhance your skin quality. We invite you to try the products. We are confident that you will find them easy to use and highly effective.